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Jun 5, 2011 1:00am PDT
supervisor campos: good afternoon and welcome to the special meeting of june 3rd, 2011 of the lafco. my name is david campos. before we turn it over to the clerk, covering the meeting are john ross and derrick. do we have any announcements? >> no. >> item one, role call? >> supervisor mirkarimi? present. commissioner avalos? avalos present. commissioner smelts? present. commissioner pimlico, absent. supervisor campos: she is en route. >> mr. campos? present trfment is a quorum. supervisor campos: call item number two. >> approval of minutes from the may 6 meeting. supervisor campos: colleagues, you have before you the minutes of may 6, 2011. before we take any action, i am wondering if there is any member of the public who would like to speak on this item? if so, come forward. seeing none, public comment on that height so closed. we a motion by commissioner mirkarimi, seconded by commissioner schmeltzer. can we cake that without action? call item number three. >> report on the status of cca activities, san francisco pratch, legislative update and continuing status. supervisor campos
Jun 23, 2011 4:00pm PDT
campos: thank you. next speaker. just for the record, supervisor kim is not able to be here because she needs to be in the budget committee. i think she is probably needed for a quorum. next speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the board of supervisors. i am not related to lane, but we have the same last name. i am the clubhouse director of the board -- of the boys and girls club. i have been there for five years and have gotten an opportunity to work with the safe passage program. it is a community-based safety project to get children safely through the neighborhood. the tenderloin has the highest concentration of children on the city. having a safe street is really critical at times. there is a block between high, taylor, ellis, and golden gate. it is the highest concentration of service agencies. that is where we are increasing an upper -- an effort for service. there are families in the tenderloin. we have been involved with beautification and the linking of young people in the community to the artist movement in the tenderloin. we are involved with the mineral across from our clu
Jun 5, 2011 5:00am PDT
. >> could you please call item no. 1? >> ordnance to -- supervisor campos: this item has been introduced by the mayor. we have a staff presentation. >> and the department of health and human resources. this is a three-year labor agreement we reached with the interns in residence who, as part of their training rotation, go through the general hospital. this is a three-year agreement that goes through june of 2014. i'm happy to take any questions. >>supervisor campos: i major- general question. i have visited with the interns and residents in the past. one of the things that was a concern at the time was we have highly educated folks doing a service to the city and we want to make sure they are adequately compensated during the process. i'm wondering if you could say a little bit about that? i imagine this is a mutual agreement, i imagine this addresses the needs and concerns raised in the past. >> absolutely. we have a longstanding relationship with the residents and a settlement agreement was reached in which we agree the wages of interns and residents while they rotate through san franc
Jun 23, 2011 2:30pm PDT
. the regulation is never perfect, but we must have multiple, independent regulatory agencies. supervisor campos: thank you, sir. let me read a few more names. [reading names] good afternoon. >> it is clear in every area that we have people that are battling ethical issues. supervisor campos: speaking to the -- >> somebody was a bustedtweetib -- busted tweeting, emailing. she needed judgments based on evidence. she was dismissed. she told us plainly that she did not have to prove with scientific facts or presidents -- precedents. she said she did not have to give any sign to the facts or evidence. she has also made everything that she stated on the record. what we want is everything she said, everything she had oversight, everything she had her hands on, we wanted to revisited, reviewed, and investigated. it is clear she violated the department of health's own principles. that is what we are asking for. supervisor campos: i ask that you refer your comments -- >> i apologize. how to do your job. how to make sure they can do this so we can pass this project forward. that is a violation. we wanted
Jun 2, 2011 6:30pm PDT
read. president chiu: are these prices -- >> it is the price to run and at once. supervisor campos: can i ask how is we have non-responsiveness in some cases? what's the level of outrage that happens to make sure the papers know that this is happening and to make sure where possible that there is a submission of proposal? >> the non-responsiveness here is -- it happens mostly because the neighborhood -- the outrage papers are required to be printed in san francisco. they all know about it and are familiar with the process. we have been getting their bids for years. for that new neighborhood papers, that was my fault. i did not realize until late in the process that there were so many neighborhood papers interested in doing business with the city of san francisco. our outreach will be much better next year. i take responsibility for that because i did not notify them as early as i should have. supervisor campos: can you say more about what the level of outrage has been? i'm surprised to hear that. there have been sullied neighborhood papers in san francisco, that is what -- there ha
Jun 28, 2011 12:30am PDT
. commissioner campos: thank you. colleagues, any questions? i don't open it up to public comments. is there any member of the public that would like to comment on this item? >> we would like to thank the staff of the mta for working on our proposal. as was mentioned, lifeline was supposed to have -- and rfp went out a year-and-a-half ago. the winter and evaluation process that required them a lifeline. without these funds, the shuttle will not be able to continue to operate. in addition to that, we would like the commission to be able to encourage administrative haste in developing the contract in moving forward because, without it, we will have to cease operations on june 30. currently, when we started, we were carried 12 passengers a month. we carry 200 a day now. we're interested in making sure we do not have a break in service and whether we are able to bill retroactively starting from july for an expedited contracting process, we see as essential for our project contingency. commissioner campos: thank you. next speaker? >> good morning, directors. and the fortune with the bicycle coalition
Jun 7, 2011 2:00pm PDT
you call the role? >> avalos present, campos present, chiu present. chu, cohen present. elsbernd, farrell present. kim present. mar present. mirkarimi presently. wiener present. all members are present. supervisor chiu: thank you. ladies and gentlemen before we do the ledge of allegiance, i would like to take a moment to recognize the tragedy from last week. supervisor wiener will be offering an inmemory of the firefighters. if we could take a moment to recognize them. all of san francisco mourns their loss. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. if you could all join me in the pledge of allegiance? supervisor chiu: colleagues, you should have copies of the april 26th, 2011 board meeting mention. could i have a motion to approve? >> motioned by farrell, seconded by campos. minutes approved. >> supervisors we are in receipt after letter from the mayor dated june 1, 2011 indicating the mayor's notice to the board of supervisors of a transfer of function between departments in the executive branch. there are no other communications. >> and if you could please call the consent agenda.
Jun 3, 2011 7:30am PDT
and our commissioners her thoughts on the program changes as well. supervisor campos: can you say anything about low income customers? >> we are targeting our program geographically. we want to offer our program to areas of the city -- to all of san francisco, starting with areas of the city the most likely to say yes to the program and stay with it. the fact that san francisco is the verse -- diverse. the low tier customer is the average customer. we're seeing lower price premiums with the flat gen. we will be able to offer our services to all customers in san francisco ultimately. we're geographically targeting it so that we can phase folks in strategically. supervisor campos: maybe the general manager will want to add to that. my point is that we want to make sure that this is available to people who are low income and that the lack of resources will not get in the wake of this program being available to them. supervisor mirkarimi>> certainll be offering it to everyone. there is a care program that offers a discount. that stays in existence. we will have to talk about how we deal with l
Jun 24, 2011 5:00am PDT
. chairperson campos: thank you very much. colleagues, any questions for the thorough and quick presentation? we appreciate that. why don't we open it up to public comment? i have speaker cards from lisa, james tracey, steve woo, and lorenzo listano. if you can come forward, you each have two minutes. >> i am lisa. i have lived in the tenderloin for 36 years. i appreciate local programs like the north of market community benefits center, safe havens, clean city, and the good neighbor coalition project they work on. chairperson campos: great. thank you very much. >> my name is steve wu. my group wants to express our of our support for the strong leadership provided by their director. we have worked closely with the cbd for many years and have good things to say about them and their great work. thank you. chairperson campos: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is james tracy. the first thing -- full disclosure. our organization receives a small grant from the community benefit district. but our praise would be the same even if we did not receive a penny. the community benefits district -- north
Jun 27, 2011 12:30am PDT
, like improving parks and transportation conditions. supervisor campos: final question before we open it for public comment. i know that there have been concerns about a specific project that has been raised. this is not the purpose of this in terms of our discussion. it is about the general guidelines to follow. what do you presently have in place, whether it is, you know, a company, or an industry that your regulating, or the public has a specific complaint against one individual or other individuals in your department? what do you have in place to deal with that complaint were concerned? >> for any one of my regulators, for any regulation, land use or otherwise, if there is a complaint from the public that the inspector did not do their job, either myself or the director of regulatory programs will independently look at the claims. we will review the case record and the files. when i look at things, when i look at things, i tend to go back to the law. i read the law. if it is outdated, i look to see whether the science has changed and if we should be thinking about this differently
Jun 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
of affairs of the department of public health -- [tone] supervisor campos: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> mr. chairman, honorable committee, members, i am dr. aurelius walker from bayview- hunters point. the african-american revitalization organization -- i am appalled. i looked at an article and it said -- it was a press release. m "ayr lee -- "merayor lee applauds." lieutenant governor gavin newsom, state controllers, recognition of the hunters point shipyard, a model for redevelopment. i want to applaud the health department of the city. we have an outstanding health department. amy brownell was outstanding. in the face of public insult, public attacks, she still did her job. on one occasion, they went out to do some research on nosebleeds. it was intimidating. they had to stop their research because of the attacks and all of that. one of the things i'm concerned about, supervisors, is last summer, the shipyard's project was approved. the board of supervisors, six other city boards, and the two community advisory groups with jurisdiction over the site, and the citizen committee, th
Jun 2, 2011 12:30pm PDT
. commissioners, you're now nearing item number 11, the hearing of an ordinance introduced by supervisor campos. supervisor campos: -- >> good afternoon, commissioners. the recommendation is by supervisor campos that allows signs that contribute to the visual identity and historic character of a neighborhood, in addition to the city as double -- a whole. and forge a link, i do not have a video presentation, but i have something better. supervisor campos is here. currently, signs are permitted if they do not visually obstruct or detract from the city landmark, are not larger or appear to be more visually prominent than any sign that previously existed in is maintained in good condition. the proposed legislation would change these rules by deleting the requirement that the proposed signs be located in the historic signing district, and they would allow the signs to contribute to the identity of the neighborhoods in addition to the city as a whole. the planning department recommends that the planning commission approved the resolution with modifications. these include changing the name from his di
Jun 26, 2011 9:30pm PDT
will have -- if you have questions i will be glad to answer any topic. supervisor campos: in terms of process, once the report is moved, what is the next step in terms of taking the recommendations that are in the report? >> i will address this in a couple of slides in the presentation. two of the approved items were to provide local matches. one of the sub-processes of that effort is to pilot the recommendation. supervisor campos: thank you. >> reviewing the issues associated with that of the shuttle, we wanted to understand the range of benefits and impacts and how some of the concerns raised by constituents and stakeholders on neighborhood impact be address to while maintaining the interests of the sector. in our study in partnership with four major employers we did a survey of passenger shuttles and had a 50% response rate, which was fantastic, calculating the benefits with these original operations in public testimony. these shuttles provided significant citywide regional benefit in terms of emissions reduction. we found that over 50% of writers would have driven alone to work
Jun 6, 2011 4:00pm PDT
planning five years in advance. [applause] supervisor campos: thank you, mr. mayor. one thought on that. i see some of the planning is difficult because of the way the budget process works. many of these organizations are on the chopping block every year. in a given year, they do not know if they will be around. it is important that we look at the long term. it is important to create continuity. we recognize a lot of these organizations are doing a lot with very little. they are doing things with that dollar that other agencies probably could not do. it is a balance. we look forward to continuing that discussion. next question? >> [speaking spanish] [applause] >> good evening, everybody. i work in the collective for women. >> [speaking spanish] [applause] >> it is difficult to hear about the budget cuts for the youth, families, housing. >> [speaking spanish] >> the immigrant population will be very effective -- affected. >> [speaking spanish] >> how can we work together with the organizations so the budget cuts do not affect the immigrant families? >> [speaking spanish] [applause] >> [spea
Jun 29, 2011 10:30pm PDT
. commissioner campos: any questions? no questions. >> i will briefly mention the three products we are not recommending. the first is the bikeway. the plan was to construct separate bike weighs between baker and scott. it provides a key link between the panhandle and market street. this project was not recommended for tfca funds. the scandal showed construction starting in august 2013 the month before they use the debt binds the issue. we have worked with the sfmta to prepare prop k allocation requests, which you will hear during agenda item seven. this approach will said the construction phase of the project to be very competitive for future tfca cycles or other discretionary programs. publicly available bike parking facility on chavis as at minnesota street. this project exceeding the air district threshold and is an eligible for funds. we want to continue working with project partners and developed a plan to move forward with other potential funding sources. finally, the laguna honda hospital residents and visitors employee shuttle. this was a project connecting laguna honda hos
Jun 3, 2011 2:30pm PDT
and forwards it on to the board of supervisors. supervisor campos: great. why don't we open it up to public comment? if there is any member of the public who week like to speak on this item, please come forward. i think there is one? go ahead. >> hello, commissioners. i am tony kelly. i certainly don't believe you should send the report back, but that doesn't really mean it is truly an acceptable report. let me point out three things quickly that i don't believe the report did. one, the evaluation of commercial rate still presumes that the average commercial raid in san francisco is 50% of what the published commercial rates are, which really doesn't make much sense. it matches what i have been hearing from merchant associations across the city. this was based on anecdotal conversations between the staff, department and others. there is no real reason for why that rate is cut in half for the purposes of the study. the evaluation of services. ricology in san francisco is credited for providing $18 million in free services. there is no break down for how that is considered. it looks like ther
Jun 4, 2011 8:00am PDT
supervisor mirkarimi: good morning. i am ross mirkarimi. joining me supervisor david campos and we expect supervisor cohen to be joining a shortly. madam clerk, would you please read the first item tofu -- first item? items one, two, and 3. >> item 1. resolution authorizing the police department to retroactively accept and expend $155,370 of fy2007 supplemental port security grant program funds from item two,resolution authorizing the police department to retroactively accept and expend $1,863,920 of fy2010 port security grant program funds from the federal emergency management agency. security grant program item three,resolution authorizing the police department to retroactively accept and expend $458,000 of fy2008 port security grant program funds from the federal emergency management agency. >> good morning. i realize all three items have to be addressed separately. is that correct? i can give an overview of the i can give an overview of the program to start off with. the grant program has been in existence since 2002. what we're dealing with here starts with a supplemental roun
Jun 18, 2011 1:30pm PDT
supervisor -- meet your district supervisor." supervisors campos is our supervisor for this week. welcome. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background. where you grew up, went to school? >> sure. i was born in guatemala. i was brought here by my parents. i grew up in l.a., and then moved up to the bay area, and i went to stanford. i came back after law school. my background for the first few years was as a practicing attorney. i worked in the private sector for a number of years. and then i worked for the city as a deputy city attorney and then became general counsel of the school district of san francisco and through that became involved in politics and at some point decided to run for office. >> you have lived in san francisco for awhile. why did you decide to live here? supervisor campos: i have always felt that san francisco is unique. i have always loved this city. i think that san francisco is -- it represents the best of what this country has to offer. it is a place that welcomes people from all over the world, from all over the country, and is a place that not on
Jun 5, 2011 1:30am PDT
. supervisor campos: thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speck? did you have a question, commissioner? great. any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner avalos? supervisor avalos: just a question that was pointed out about the $18 million in free services. they are not free because the rate payers are paying for those services ultimately, so i wouldn't say they are free. it is in-kind service that >>> icology is providing to san francisco. we just had our community clean team recently, and i think it is a great service that they provide. but it is not like we have any type of real agreement that says this is going to be provided pie them. i think what ricology is doing is helpful, but when it comes to what is really being quantity fade in terms of what -- quantified of what we can expect every year, that is not in the report. that is not in any kind of agreement between ricology and the city. i think the report does speak for itself in terms of providing a range of services whether in-kind or fre
Jun 23, 2011 3:00pm PDT
no different than anywhere else in san francisco. chairperson campos: having completed the hearing, i was wondering if we could file this item. if we could take that without objection, i want to thank the department of public health for being here. i'm want to thank all the members of the public who have sat through this hearing. i want to thank supervisor cohen. i hope you have a good day. madam clark, can you call items two and three? >> hearing on the budget analyst work plan for 2011. item three, motion directing the budget and legislative analyst to conduct audits in fiscal year 2011 and 2012 to evaluate a city policy to develop affordable housing, oversight of housing development, and governments of city museums and the academy of sciences. -- governments and city oversight of museums and the academy of sciences. chairperson campos: i introduced this. i would like the budget analyst to come up. i see they are here. i see ms. campbell is here. i know there are a number of folks in the audience who are here for this item. once we hear from the budget and legislative analyst, we wi
Jun 2, 2011 12:00pm PDT
for you. supervisor campos: through the chair, i wonder if you could expand the law but more on what, additionally, it is being done around the lgbt students? we saw a district -- we saw a disproportionate numbers for the population. i wonder, in light of those numbers, if anything, is being done. thank you. >> we have a program dedicated to lgbt you. we have liaisons at every middle school and high school, so that is a designated teacher, counselor, social worker that is paid a stipend to be the point person. posters around and have their name on it. typically, the gsa adviser. when we try to do is create a safe space -- space for our gay and lesbian students so they know what teachers to go to and who can be of assistance if they have any questions. social workers and nurses also do coming out groups at high schools. basically, a lot of violence prevention work as well as through media campaigns, which happens in january. april is gay pride month for the district where we do many events to reach out to all of our students. supervisor campos: thank you. >> i am the acting director o
Jun 23, 2011 4:00pm PDT
with beautification and artistic beautification. thank you. supervisor campos: next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is douglas. i would like to take this opportunity to thank elaine zamora for her years of service, especially to this community. elaine and i have worked on one project but from my experience she seems to be a very nice person. in regards to the comment of an earlier speaker, i think those allegations and statements should be checked out and if they're true, they're true. if they're false, they're false, but they should be checked out as a matter of principle and i think that supervisor kim would be proper person to at least discuss them with the other parties involved. in regards to the recommendations for this district, i would like to put in a suggestion that maybe the district should consider hiring andrew cohen, also known as the video gate cop. i think this would be an excellent opportunity to show that andrew cohen has been unfairly, in my opinion, scape scapegoated for what happened in video gate. when the truth eventually comes out, andrew cohen is not the main person wh
Jun 7, 2011 1:30pm PDT
need higher than 70%. supervisor campos: thank you. any other members of the public who would like to speak, please come up. >> good afternoon. i am with the san francisco de area sierra club. the sierra club has always supported this program. we think it is a great move. we would also agree that we would like to see the strongest local gold out eventually. we want to see clean power sf running as soon as possible. i am very excited to see that it is 100% ruble and will have no dedicated nuclear power. that is very important to sierra club since we are against all forms of nuclear power. thank you. supervisor campos: public comment is closed. commissioners, this is a discussion item. unless there is anything else to add, madam cleark, please call item five. we can now hear from mr. campbell. >> and the director of the committee choice abrogation program. this is a brief item. a lot of it got covered in the discussion earlier. the big items -- one is the generational reflecting coming up. that has been discussed as a key element that will drive how we time the program and how we des
Jun 6, 2011 3:30pm PDT
that the city would not cut the budget for the department on the status of women. [applause] supervisor campos: the issue of domestic violence has been a very serious one in san francisco. let's hear from the budget director. >> i am greg wagner, the budget director. i agree with the comment. a i think we all understand the importance of the services. over the last several budgets despite proposals for reductions in domestic violence programs, we have been able to protect those programs and have not made reductions to those programs. we're trying to work with the department on the status of women to see if there are other options that we can look at. there may be revenues we can bring in through fees or other sources we can use to create savings without having to make reductions. we are very concerned about this issue. we are working closely with the department and the mayor's office. we very much understand the comment and concerned about the importance of those services in the community and city. supervisor campos: thank you, greg. let's hear from our next questioner. sfgov.o[inaudible] >> [
Jun 26, 2011 8:30pm PDT
and volunteer program and many say, hey, this commissioner campos: good morning everyone and welcome to do in 212011 meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority plans and programs committee. i am david campos, the chair of the committee. i am joined by committee vice chair carmen chu as well as john avalos, commissioner david chiu, scott wiener. the clerk of the committee is erika cheng. we want to thank the following members of sfgtv staff for covering the meeting, mark and illon. please call item two. >> ifitem 2. approve the minutes of the may 17, 2011 meeting. this is an action item. commissioner campos: we have been joined by david chiu. we have the minutes of the meeting. before we take any action, let me ask members of the public if they would like to speak on this item. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues? seconded by commissioner avalos. can we take that without objection? without objection. please call item three. >> item 3. citizens advisory committee report. this is an information item. >> good morning mr. -- good morning, mr. chairman. i was appo
Jun 5, 2011 5:30am PDT
campos: thank you. is there any other member of the public to what like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. president chiu: has there been any discussion about doing neighborhood outreach -- for example -- if we were able to set the rate on which newspapers can get the word out, as opposed to having a widely varying rates coming to us on how we approach bids? >> i'm not sure i'm getting the concept. president chiu: i'm wondering if there is a way to be a little more uniform about how we think about that neighborhood outreach. >> the price for newspapers, the administrative code is silence -- is silent on consideration of price as far as a warning that contract. outrage newspapers have different and more standards. what we could easily do for this presentation or certainly for next year is to include on the information we provide you is something like cost per household to deliver the ad. the would take the ad price and abide by the circulation and give an idea of how much the holocaust. you could perhaps make that a policy spread and a site where -- how much they cost. su
Jun 5, 2011 7:30am PDT
want to thank everyone for participating. i appreciate that. chair campos, we're pretty much wrapped up. maybe we can ask for public comment. the one thing i would ask that we keep it open when we talk about the ratios of san francisco compared to other jurisdictions. why don't i make a motion to continue this item, so we can hear from the budget analyst, to make sure we have a grip on rescind as a city compared to other -- ripon where we stand as a city compared to other jurisdictions? supervisor campos: that is to the call of the chair. before that, i would like to open it up to public comment. if there is any member of the public would like to speak, please come up. thank you. >> hi. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is george wooding. i'm not a financial expert. i think more about what neighbors think. i will try to be brief. first, c.o.p.'s seem just like debt to me. i've heard everyone explain it. i have read about it. i have studied it. it seems like a big runaround to prop 13. that is the first thing. i think sentences go has to be more careful about -- i think san francisco
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 471 (some duplicates have been removed)